Parish Priest: Fr Jeremy Bath

Welcome to the St Machan’s Parish Homepage!

Our Parish is formed of three local church communities: St Dominic’s Torrance, St Machan’s Lennoxtown and St Paul’s Milton of Campsie.

Parish News and Upcoming events

Theme ‘Union With God’:

“Oh, that you would rend the heavens and come down”. The deepest cry of the human heart is union with God, that all the distance and separation from him would be overcome. In Advent, the Church recognises that God answers the prayer; first, in the Incarnation of his Son, the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, and second at the end of time when he returns in majesty. Both comings of Christ reveal that ‘God is faithful, and by him you were called to fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord’.  We spend our lives being conscious of God therefore, because we desire to be found accountable for having a living faith. I pray that in Advent we renew our desire to spend our days in fervent hope for expressing the full revelation of our Blessed Lord; our time of salvation.

Reflection ‘Vigilance For Christ’ by Mary Healy

“Be on the watch” – in another verb that means to stay awake and be on the lookout, part of the responsibility of a true prophet. Jesus seeks us to be aware that we, as his disciples, do not know when he is coming. When we call Jesus ‘Lord’, we refer to his Lordship over the house of God – both the temple f the old covenant and the Church of the new covenant. He is speaking of his sudden and unexpected coming at the end of time, when he will judge his followers for how they have exercised their authority… Jesus warns ys that he may come suddenly and find us sleeping … which is what happens in Gethsemane. To be asleep signifies spiritual laziness and self-indulgence; to be awake is to be alive in faith’.


Welcome To The New Church Year: This Sunday marks the start of Advent and the new Church Year. In terms of the three year cycle, we move from Year ‘A’ which was mostly Matthew’s Gospel, to Year ‘B’ which is mostly Mark’s Gospel. Reputedly dictated by Simon Peter, it has the sense of Jesus on a mission; it goes at an electrifying pace and is full of dramatic events. The final part of Advent is focused on preparing for the second coming of Christ; then from 17th Dec onwards we prepare to celebrate Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem. The conflict in the Holy Land heightens the awareness of the consequences that come when humanity is not living the Gospel. Hardened hearts need to be allowed to find new beginnings … we pray for that to happen.

A Framework for Advent 2023: Please be aware that the overall theme for Advent 2023 is ‘Stay Awake’. Let us take away the secular fatigue, the tiredness with materialism that drains our spirituality and makes us become someone who is not in touch with the soul, the presence of the Divine Godhead. The Western World in many cases, sold its soul to materialism and self-centeredness. The power of the ego. During these 21 days of Advent let us focus our attention on God. Here are some ways to do this:

  • Come to Weekday Mass and Eucharistic Adoration
  • Embrace the Sacrament of Confession and Reconciliation
  • Experience the ‘Rorate’ Masses by candlelight
  • Take part in the Lectio Divina sessions of a Sunday evening at 5.45pm St Paul’s
  • Use the Advent daily meditations at home or in the churches

Rorate (Candlelit) Masses (with Confessions thereafter)

Fri 8th Dec: Feast of the Immaculate Conception 6pm Mass St Dominic’s

Tues 12th Dec: 6pm Mass St Machan’s

Sun 17th Dec: 5pm Mass St Paul’s

Always a beautiful reverent atmosphere. Fire safety regulations upheld.

Christmas Mass Times:  Just so you have them well in advance:

Sat 23rd Dec: 5.30pm Vigil Mass St Machan’s, 4th Sunday of Advent

Sun 24th Dec:   9am Mass St Dominic’s

                        10.15am Mass St Paul’s

                        11.45am Mass St Machan’s

(All above Masses 4th Sun of Advent)

Sun 24th Dec The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ:

Vigil Mass 5pm St Paul’s

                        Vigil Mass 7pm St Machan’s

                        Midnight Mass 10pm St Dominic’s

Mon 25th Dec Christmas Day:

9am Dawn Mass St Paul’s

10.30am Mass St Machan’s

Please pass the word on!

Other Advent Events

Wed 6th Dec – Blessing of Crib at St Machan’s School (donated by Canon Conway’s Family)

Fri 8th Dec – Feast of the Immaculate Conception. World Pro-Life Day

Sun 10th Dec – Ecumenical Service of Lessons and Carols, Campsie Parish Church Lennoxtown 3pm

Tues 12th Dec – St Machan’s School Staff Advent retreat 3.30pm

Wed 13th Dec – Pensioner’s Christmas Meal, St Machan’s Hall 7pm

Thurs 14th Dec – Nativity Play, St Machan’s Primary

Sat 16th Dec – Ecumenical Carol Service, ‘The Square’ in Chapel Street, Lennoxtown 3pm. Schools taking part. Hot drinks and music.

Sun 17th Dec – St Paul’s Church 10.15am Mass, Nativity presentation by the children.

Thurs 21st Dec – 7pm Christmas Show, St Ninian’s High School

Fri 22nd Dec – 2.30pm Community Carols outside the Fells Café, Milton of Campsie

                        6pm Advent Confessions St Dominic’s

Sat 23rd Dec – Advent Confessions St Paul’s 10am

                          Advent Confessions St Machan’s 12 Noon

N.B Advent Reflection books available at church stalls or back of our churches. God Bless you all! Have a spirit filled Advent Season!

Forthcoming Funeral:

Donald Fox (R.I.P): His Requiem Mass will take place on Monday 11th Dec at 10am in St Machan’s. His coffin will be received into the Church at 9.45am. We pray for Nancy, his wife and all the family. God rest his soul.

Vestry Hour: This coming week for all general personal enquiries is Wed 6th Dec 5.30pm. Best to book by phone to ensure time with the parish priest.

Last Sunday’s Collection: The total sum of £1,350.49 was contributed. Thank you for your kind and responsible stewardship.

St Paul’s Nativity Play for Children: This will take place on Sun 17th Dec during the 10.15am Mass. It is open to all children who would like to join in. Parents, please see Clair Blair to give permission for your child to take part. Rehearsals will take place over the next two Sundays. We would be grateful for continued attendance of the children to practice during Children’s Liturgy sessions between now and then. Thank you for your cooperation.

Sale of Good Clothes in St Machan’s Hall: On Sat evening 9th Dec and Sun morning 10th Dec there will be a large number of nearly new infants, children and adults clothes available in St Machan’s Hall. All proceeds go towards local charities. Please come and catch a bargain.

Fr Jacob Kabamba – Now In Residence: Fr Jacob in now resident in the parish house at St Paul’s, Milton of Campsie. We pray for him and his parish in Blanefield and Balfron.

Parish Sub Councils and Pastoral Meeting: St Dominic’s will now meet as a sub-council on Tues 5th Dec at 2pm (in the church porch). St Machan’s will now meet as a sub-council on Tues 5th Dec 6.30pm (in the Parish house). We will plan for Advent, Christmas, and New Year collective projects.

Feast of the Immaculate Conception – Pro Life Day in the Church: On Fri 8th Dec as we celebrate the Immaculate Conception of Mary Mother of Jesus, it is an opportune moment to pray for the sanctity of all human life from conception till natural death. Please be aware that a bill has been raised again in the Scottish Parliament to try and legalise ‘assisted dying’ which is deeply immoral and dangerous to the dignity of the most vulnerable. The Rosary will be recited before the morning and evening Masses. Our Lady conceived without sin, pray for us who have the recourse to thee.

Teaching of the Catechism – “Preparations for Christ’s Coming” – Para 524

‘When the Church celebrates the liturgy of Advent each year, she makes present this ancient expectancy of the Messiah, for by sharing in the long preparation for the Saviour’s first coming, the faithful renew their desire for his second coming. By celebrating John the Baptist’s birth and martyrdom, the Church unites herself to his desire: ‘He must increase, but I must decrease’.

The Saints Feast Days This Week

Mon 4th Dec – Memorial of St John Damascene. He was the last of the Greek Fathers of the Church in the 8th Century. Great knowledge of Christology.

Wed 6th Dec – Memorial of St Nicholas. The first ‘Santa Claus’ who lived and work in Asia Minor, attending to the needs of the poorest children. Patron saint of sailors and pawnbrokers, as well as favourite saint on Greece and Russia.

Thurs 7th Dec – Memorial of St Ambrose. 4th Century leading figure in the Church. Started life as a lawyer. Elected by popular consent as Bishop of Milan. Defended the Church against heresy and brought St Augustine in to the faith. Declared Doctor of the Church

Quick Quiz:

Last Week’s Answers:                                                            This Week’s Questions:

1 – The Benedictines were the 1st Monastic Order in            1 – Who did Robert Burns marry in 1788?

Europe.                                                                                    2 – Which Gallacher wrote two series of Dr Who

2 – A ‘Hymn’ is a set of music and words sung in honour      dramas in the 1980’s??

of God.                                                                                    3 – Who was Helen of Troy abducted by when?

3 – John Wesley founded the Methodists in 1730.                Queen of Sparta?       

4 – Iceland has no monarchy.                                                 4 – The Merchant of Venice was written by

5 – Servetus was put to death for refusing to conform         whom?

to Calvins teaching.                                                                 5 – Where and when was Sir Walter Scott born?

4 – St Kilda never really existed, only the name of               

an island.

5 – St Andrew is also the patron saint of Russia.                  

Please pray for our parishoners who are sick/housebound: Dominic Park, Mary Ann Dougan, May Fitch, Gillian Kennedy, Jean MacKenzie, Mary McCormack, Jim McElhaney, May McIlroy, Fr Jim Myers, John Turner, Jack Brady, Margaret Cameron, Eleanor Gallagher, Christine Heffernan, May Love, Helen McDiarmid, Celia Sands, Mrs Coia, Margaret Kennedy, Ron McInally, Connor Meechan, Margaret Cassidy, Beth Hughes, Mary McCormack, Teresa Tannahill, Mary Cairney, George Ferrie, Robert Devlin, May McIvor, Isabel Melley, Jim MacKenzie, Sally Cairney, Mary Southgate, Tommy Mooney, George Smith, James MacKenzie, Rosemary Devine.

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