Parish Priest: Fr Jeremy Bath

Welcome to the St Machan’s Parish Homepage!

Our Parish is formed of three local church communities: St Dominic’s Torrance, St Machan’s Lennoxtown and St Paul’s Milton of Campsie.

Parish News and Upcoming events

Vestry Hour this Week: (For all general personal enquiries.) Best to book by phone to ensure time with the parish priest, Monday 27th May, 6pm St Machan’s Parish House.

Last Sunday Collections: Thank you for your generous stewardship of the parish finances, without which we would not function. £1,577.40

Theme ‘Love’

Today we think about the ‘Three Persons In One God’. Otherwise known as the Trinity; this is revealed to us by Jesus in Holy Scripture. He showed us that God is love in the Trinity of one substance. He is the Creator and merciful Father; he is the Only-Begotten Son, who died and rose from the dead; he is the Holy Spirit who moved through space and time, towards its final fulfilment. Three persons who are one God, because the Father is love in creation; the Son is love in salvation and the Holy Spirit is love in restoration of our lives. So God is a dynamic power that is always present and ‘knocking on the door’ of humanity to come to its senses and love the way God teaches us to do.

Reflection ‘Peace Comes Dropping Slow’

(Denis Bradley (former priest and peacemaker of the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland)

“Faith is always a difficult walk between belief and doubt, between hope and despair. It is too delicate to be arrogant, too fragile to be severe. It lives between the aridness of human failings and the wonder of human possibility. It talks to a God who may not even be there and yet it delights in the possibility of being involved in the continuous creation of the universe. It realised how incongruous it is to stand before another human and to ask that sin be forgiven in the name of Jesus. It knows how radical and transformative that it is, and if it is not foolish, how amazingly comforting it is. It does all this because it sees in Jesus someone who has understood and explained the human heart better than anyone else. It does it because he describes a here and now and an after now that finds an echo in our being.”

Shared Parish News

“When The Party’s Are Over” Now that the First Holy Communion excitement has reached its climax, it is the time to stand up and be counted as families who are committed to Christ in all things. Religion has its dramatic moments of celebration and procession like other parts of life; however, the substance or measure of our Catholic Christian praxis is that loyal dedication to living the faith in the parish community this day and every day. God Bless us all in this regard.

FAMILY MASS – 2nd June ‘Corpus Christi’ On Sunday 2nd June we have a ‘Family Mass’ in St Paul’s and St Machan’s where we encourage the P6 children to help to facilitate the celebration of the Mass. This includes readings, bidding prayers, offertory and serving. We look forward to it all coming together.

Primary Three – First Confession The P3 children who made their First Confession in March will be presented with a special crucifix at next Sunday’s Masses. This is to remind them of Jesus’ love for them and the mercy it offers us. It also reminds them that after the summer holidays they will be preparing for their First Holy Communion in 2025. God Bless them all.

‘Corpus Christi’ Procession Sunday 2nd June On Sunday 2nd June at 2pm in the Schoenstatt Shrine, we will have a combined procession to mark Corpus Christi Sunday; The Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. The children are invited to take part in the procession. The First Communion children can wear their special outfits. The parish has rediscovered beautiful Corpus Christi Banners that will be carried in the Procession; able bodied volunteers to help carry these banners would be much appreciated. There are flags, bells, flower petals and water sprinklers for the children. We hope to make this an annual event in the parish calendar. Thank you to the Schoenstatt sisters for joining us in this memorable event.

Congratulation to Teresa McTiernan Teresa is 90 years young in a few days time. We congratulate her on her long and active life; still helping out in the church after making her First Holy Communion over 80 years ago! Our prayers and good wishes go with her and the family.

Parish Sub Councils and Parish Pastoral Council These important meetings take place in the coming three weeks:

            Mon 27th May 4pm – Sub-Council St Dominic’s Church porch

            Wed 29th May 3pm – Sub-Council St Paul’s Church Hall

            Tues 4th June 6.30pm – Sub-Council St Machan’s Parish House

            Wed 12th June 7pm – Parish Pastoral Council, St Machan’s Parish House

At these gatherings we will focus on Mission and development of our Mass centres and the pastoral and spiritual needs of each community.

Forthcoming Funerals

John Shovlin R.I.P His coffin will be received into St Paul’s on Sunday 26th May at 6pm. The Requiem Mass will be on Monday 27th May at 9.30am in St Paul’s. Deacon Bernard Lavery, a close friend of the family will be assisting. Burial at High Park Cemetery. John was an ambulance driver for many years and helped to save many lives. May he rest in peace.

Delia (Dougan) Morton R.I.P Her coffin will be received in to St Machan’s at 5.30pm on Tuesday 28th May. Her Requiem Mass is at 10am on Wednesday 29th May followed by an internment at Campsie Cemetery 11.15am. Delia was a much loved mother and grandmother who was greatly devoted to those in her care. She worked at Lennox Castle and enjoyed music, history and the arts.

Liz Cassidy R.I.P Liz died peacefully surrounded by her family at home on Tuesday 21st May. Her coffin will be received into St Machan’s on Sunday 9th June at 4pm. The Requiem Mass is at 10am on Monday 10th June. May she rest in peace.

Changes of Weekday Masses Due to Funeral Masses in the Parish this week please note that weekday Masses are subject to change. Please refer to front page of the newsletter.

Forthcoming Care Home Services

            Mon 27th May 11.30am Springvale

            Fri 7th June 2pm Whitefield

            Tues 11th June 2pm Birdston

Beavers Visit to St Dominic’s This will be on Tues 28th May at 6pm. I’m grateful to Cathie and Margaret to show them around.

Window Installation – St Dominic’s A new ‘Nave Window’ has been installed at St Dominic’s in memory of Fr Danny Boyd R.I.P, who was the parish priest there from 1981 to 2000. We will bless it in his memory in July. We are very grateful to the anonymous donor in St Dominic’s who funded the window and to Joe Modyka for installing it.

Fire Safety Audit On Tues 28th May the Archdiocese have sent Craig Thomson to complete an audit on all sites in terms of a Fire Safety Plan. Thanks to the Fire Safety Core Group we are hopeful for a favourable audit. If it goes well we hope we will not be audited again for another 3 years. No compromises can be made on Fire Safety. The Core Group are due to meet on Wed 5th June at 11am.

Ordination of Fr Michael Downey O.C.R. Canon Bath will be attending the Ordination in Nunraw of Fr Michael Downey O.C.R. on Sat 1st June at 12 noon. Bishop Brian McGee will be ordaining him to the priesthood. We pray for him and the Monastery Community of Sancta Maria Abbey Nunraw that will bring hope for the future.

Treasuring the Gift – Sacred Scripture Reflection Day The translation of the Bible that we hear at Mass is changing this Advent. Our Archdiocese has organised a day of prayer, study and discussion to learn more about this and to reflect on the gift of the word of God for the Church. Treasuring the Gift takes place on Saturday 8 June 10:00am-3:00pm at The Gillis Centre, 100 Strathearn Road, Edinburgh, EH9 1BB. Register at

St Margaret’s Pilgrimage – 23rd June Gather in faith and thanksgiving to celebrate one of Scotland’s patron saints in Dunfermline on Sunday 23rd June 2024. The procession to St Margaret’s Church takes place from the Glen Gates in Bridge Street to the Church starting at 2:00pm, followed by Mass at 3:00pm. Ecumenical Prayer at the tomb of St Margaret at Dunfermline Abbey is at 12:30pm. All welcome. No registration required.

The Teaching of the Catechism

Para 256 – St Gregory of Nazianzus wrote this summary of the Trinitarian Faith

“Above all guard for me this great deposit of faith for which I live and fight, which I want to take with me as a companion, and which makes me bear all evils and despise all pleasures; I mean the profession of faith in the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

Saints Days This Coming Week

Memorial of St Paul VI – Wed 29th May Elected Pope in 1963 and oversaw much of the Second Vatican Council. In 1969 he promulgated a new Roman Missal. He was the first Pope to travel away from Europe. Through his word and action he characterised that evangelization is the essence of the Church’s Mission.

Feast of The Visitation of The Blessed Virgin Mary – Fri 31st May When Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth, pregnant with John the Baptist.

Memorial of St Justin the Martyr – Sat 1st June Born in Palestine 2nd century, a Roman citizen, great philosopher who became a Christian. Taught in Rome before becoming a martyr under the persecution of Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Survive Miva This Sunday we welcome an appeal by this worthy charity that helps the church in the poorest parts of the world. Your kindness and generosity is always much appreciated.

Answers to Last Weeks Quiz

  1. Charlotte Church is from which Welsh city? Cardiff
  2. Who directed Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? Steven Spielberg
  3. Pochettino is manager of which English football team? Chelsea
  4. Liam Neeson was brought up in which country? Eire
  5. Where was the last battle of the Vikings on Scottish soil? Largs
  6. Who in the Dicken’s novel Oliver Twist had a dog called ‘Bull’s Eye’? Bill Sykes

This Weeks Quick Quiz

  1. Who is the Shadow Chancellor of the Westminster Parliament?
  2. In which English Abbey was the Stone of Destiny stolen in 1950?
  3. What is the currency of Norway?
  4. Wigan Warriors play which sport?
  5. Which Papal honour has Mel Gibson?
  6. Amo means in Latin?

Please pray for our parishoners who are sick/housebound: Dominic Park, Mary Ann Dougan, May Fitch, Gillian Kennedy, Jean MacKenzie, Mary McCormack, May McIlroy, Fr Jim Myers, John Turner, Jack Brady, Margaret Cameron, Eleanor Gallagher, Christine Heffernan, Garth Heffernan, May Love, Helen McDiarmid, Margaret Kennedy, Connor Meechan, Margaret Cassidy, Beth Hughes, Mary McCormack, Teresa Tannahill, Mary Cairney, George Ferrie, Robert Devlin, May McIvor, Isabel Melley, Sally Cairney, Tommy Mooney, George Smith, Rosemary Devine, Alison McMillan, Celia Sands, Sandra Carr, Pat Grennan, Jim Crawford, Irene MacFarlane, John Friel, Mary Paterson.

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