Parish Priest: Fr Jeremy Bath

Welcome to the St Machan’s Parish Homepage!

Our Parish is formed of three local church communities: St Dominic’s Torrance, St Machan’s Lennoxtown and St Paul’s Milton of Campsie.

Parish News and Upcoming events

Vestry Hour this Week: (For all general personal enquiries.) Best to book by phone to ensure time with the parish priest. Tues 27th Feb, 5pm St Machan’s Parish House.

Theme “Hear This”

You would be excused for being overly concerned about life on earth just now … Even taken into account the media’s temptation to hype things up, there remains worrying signs in the way the events of our world today are unfolding: wars that are escalating economic and financial uncertainty, climate issues and the lack of inspiring global leadership. We are becoming unable to hear or listen to what signs are trying to teach us, locally and universally. Both in the Church and beyond its bounds we cannot afford to ignore the almost apocalyptic signs that appear before us. So, as Peter, James and John go up Mount Tabor with Jesus, so we are also called to listen to the voice of the Son of God, before it is too late. To heed the message of the Holy Father and pray for new “World Order” which gives true hope.

Reflection: “On Suffering” and “Human Energy”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin S.J

“If everything in us and around us is indeed moving towards a great union by love, the world should seemingly be bathed in joy. How is it that, on the contrary, it is falling more deeply into grief? Why all those tears and blood? How can human suffering enter into a personal universe? My answer to this questing; the most anguishing of all for the human mind; will be this: in the universe that I have discussed the problem of evil presents no insurmountable  difficulty. In fact, in finds the most satisfying theoretical solution, and even some indication of a practical one. A world on the way to concentration of consciousness, you think would be all joy? On the contrary, I answer. It is just such a world that is the most natural and necessary seat of suffering.”

Shared Parish News

“Year of Prayer”: As you may know already, the Holy Father, Pope Francis has, since 1st Dec 2023, declared this time as the ‘Year of Prayer’. Bearing in mind the many serious issues facing our world just now, the conscious intention and action of taking time to pray generates an “engine room” of moral and spiritual guidance. If we ignore the importance of prayer, we risk the danger of detaching ourselves from a divine inspired solution to conflict and immorality; where humanities solution to the worlds’ problems is more prisons, more weapons, more penalties and more anger and hatred. Prayer is the invisible treasure in the room that seeks to be part of our daily lives; when encouraged by Christ, why would you dare to reject it?

Practical Opportunities for Prayer

  1. Spending 15 minutes each morning and night in silent meditation, using the Scriptures.
  2. Reciting a decade of the rosary every day as a family in my home.
  3. Coming to Eucharistic Adoration each morning; Mon, Tues, Wed, Sat, in the parish before the Mass advertised.
  4. Praying the Stations of The Cross.
  5. Going to Schoenstatt Shrine and praying in the chapel, grotto and grounds.
  6. Forming a prayer group in the parish.
  7. Going onto on the internet, a website for prayer provided by the Ignatian Community of Jesuits.
  8. Reading and reflecting on John’s Gospel in Lent.

These are just a few examples of what you can do to improve prayer life during Lent.

World Day of Prayer: On Friday 1st March, is the so called ‘World Day of Prayer, is when we are invited to get together with other Christians and share a celebration of faith in a prayer service. Provisionally there are the following joint services:

            2pm            St Dominic’s, Torrance. Teas/Coffee afterwards. Donations of home baking welcome.

            7.30pm            Church of Scotland, Milton of Campsie

The theme this year is ‘I Beg You to Bear With One Another in Love’ (written by Palestinian Woman)

Lenten Day of Recollection, Schoenstatt: On Mon 26th Feb 10.30am to 3.30pm there is a day of prayer and reflection. The guest speaker is Fr Gerard Bogan, Parish Priest of St Columba’s, Viewpark. He will be focusing on ‘The Samaritan Woman at the Well’ in John’s Gospel. The numbers are now submitted for catering. Please bring a bible and stout shoes. The cost of the day is £12 per person, which is to be paid to Canon Bath on the day. Thank you.

Preparations For Holy Week: Holy Week is now only 4 weeks away, so we should plan early in advance. Fr Joe McAuley, retired parish priest of St Brendan’s, Yoker, will also be here to assist. There is a liturgy planning meeting on Sunday 3rd March at 2pm in St Machan’s to firm up music, altar servers, readers, passkeepers and eucharistic ministers etc. The provisional plan is:

                        Holy Thursday             Good Friday                Easter Vigil                  Easter Sunday

St Dominic’s    Mass 5.30pm               6pm Stations                       –                            9am Mass

St Machan’s    Mass 6pm                    3pm Passion                7pm Vigil                     11.45am Mass

St Paul’s           Mass 7pm                    3pm Passion                7.30pm Vigil                10.15am Mass

                                                                                                                                    5pm Mass

Sacramental Life

Baptism: We pray for Jaxon Afum who will be baptised on Sat 2nd March in St Machan’s. God bless him and his family.

Primary 3 – First Confession: The children are having their rehearsal on Tues 5th March in preparation for 1st Confessions on Tues 12th March, 6pm at St Machan’s.

Primary 4 – First Holy Communion: The children will be presented with a special copy of the ‘Our Father’ at the Sunday morning Masses on Sun 10th March. They too, are invited, to come and make their Confession on Tues 12th March, for them the time is 6.45pm at St Machan’s.

Primary 7 – Confirmation: The candidates are now enrolled and undertaking their ‘Home preparation’. The retreat day went well in school. They too are invited to make their Confession on Tues 12th March, for them the time is 7.15pm at St Machan’s.

Lenten ‘Sycamore Programme’: This is on every Monday evening during Lent at 6pm in the ‘Upper Room’ of St Machan’s Parish house. It proved very popular last week and prompted good discussion. Teas on arrival. There is no cost for the programme.

Parish Pastoral Council: This combined forum for the 3 churches is on Wed 6th March at 7pm in St Machan’s Parish House – to seek to further the ‘Mission’ of the Church locally and looking outwardly, further afield. Any apologies to Lawrence Cavanagh secretary or the parish office.

Fairtrade Fortnight (4th – 18th March): From Mon 4th March is ‘Fairtrade Fortnight’ – a chance to reflect on our purchasing of goods from around the world and the ethical sourcing of food from poorer and more vulnerable communities.

Forthcoming Care Home Services

Tues 27th Feb               Springvale       11.30am

Mon 4th March            Birdston           2pm

Fri 8th March               Whitefield       2pm

Tues 26th March          Lillyburn          11am

Fire Safety Training Day – Thurs 14th March: Several people who were unable to attend the previous Fire Safety Training in February are urged to attend on the 14th March from 10.30am to 12.30pm in St Machan’s hall. We cannot afford to cut corners with Fire Safety and it is now a regulated obligation for all public buildings which is monitored and audited. Any parish volunteers or groups that use the church property and premises are advised to attend this training. There is no charge for this training and you will receive a certificate of attendance. Thank you for your cooperation.

Recently Deceased: Please pray for William Donald and Patricia Niven, who have died recently. May they rest in peace and rise in glory.

Motherwell Diocese Interfaith Talk: This takes place at Carfin Grotto on Sat 2nd March at 10.30am I the parish hall until 2pm. The title is ‘An Introduction to Judaism from a Catholic Perspective’ by Professor Stephen McKinney of Glasgow university. For further information please email

‘Inspirational Women’ (Celebrating International Women’s Day)

Venue:             Memorial Chapel, University of Glasgow, G12 8QQ

Date:               6th March, 5pm – 7pm

If you are interested, you can reserve a seat online at Guest speakers include Dr Maureen Sier, Rt Rev Sally Foster-Fulton and Dr Nighet Nasim Riaz.

The Teaching of the Catechism ‘Christ’s Life’ – Para 561

The Whole of Christ’s life was a continual teaching; his silences, his miracles, his gestures, his prayer, his love for people, his special affection for the little and the poor, his acceptance of the total sacrifice of the Cross for redemption of the world and his resurrection are the actualisation of his word and the fulfilment of revelation.’

Saints Days This Coming Week: Fri 1st March – St David of Wales. 6th Century Monk of Pembrokeshire, Wales. Bishop of Menevia. Patron Saint of teetotallers’. He only drank water. Immersed himself in cold water.

Last Sunday’s Collections: Thank you for your generous stewardship of the parish finances, without which we would not function. Last Sunday was £1,673.38.

Last Weeks Answers

  1. The first priorities of the early apostles of Jesus were widows and orphans.
  2. Anathema means ‘to set aside or remove from profane use’.
  3. Richard Gere comes from Philadelphia, U.S.A.
  4. Nelson won the Battle of The Nile in 1798.
  5. Clare Short was a Labour M.P in the 1990’s.

Please pray for our parishoners who are sick/housebound: Dominic Park, Mary Ann Dougan, May Fitch, Gillian Kennedy, Jean MacKenzie, Mary McCormack, Jim McElhaney, May McIlroy, Fr Jim Myers, John Turner, Jack Brady, Margaret Cameron, Eleanor Gallagher, Christine Heffernan, Garth Heffernan, May Love, Helen McDiarmid, Margaret Kennedy, Connor Meechan, Margaret Cassidy, Beth Hughes, Mary McCormack, Teresa Tannahill, Mary Cairney, George Ferrie, Robert Devlin, May McIvor, Isabel Melley, Sally Cairney, Tommy Mooney, George Smith, Rosemary Devine, Alison McMillan, Celia Sands, Sandra Carr.

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