Parish Priest: Fr John Deighan

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Our Parish is formed of three local church communities: St Dominic’s Torrance, St Machan’s Lennoxtown and St Paul’s Milton of Campsie.

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Update from Fr John

Dear friends,

Sad news. Here’s the latest on Tier 4 being imposed in our parish.If you are upset at this situation, I understand. I certainly am, so I wouldn’t blame you in the least. I would only say, please do not take it out on parish staff or volunteers at the church door. Or the parish priest, for that matter!

These decisions are made at a higher level. Instead, think about writing to your bishop or your MSP. For my part, I’ve already done both. On the bright side, we are told that it won’t be for long. Continue to be as kind and understanding as you have been so far. And remember, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.”

With that said, please read the following carefully, and pass the information on to those who don’t use Facebook:

– All Masses will be restricted to twenty people, including on Sundays. – All SUNDAY Masses will now be BOOKING ONLY, including Sunday evening. – Parishioners may only attend SUNDAY Mass (including the Saturday Vigil) EVERY SECOND WEEK.

– If you phone up and there’s no room at the Mass you want, there might be room at a different Mass. Try and be as flexible as possible about preferred Mass times while this situation lasts.

– If you phone up and all Masses are full, we will guarantee you a place at Mass the following weekend. But again, be aware that you might not always get the time you’d ideally like.

– There will be NO CHANGE to how we run weekday Masses, as we only go above the 20-person limit on rare occasions.I think that covers everything. Once again, that’s every SECOND week for Sunday Mass until the end of Tier 4. Booking as normal tomorrow. The number, once again, is 07714 557 337.Thank you very much, and may God hasten the return of public worship as we once knew it.

Fr John Deighan

Mass times will be as follows:

Weekdays St Machan’s Mon, Thu & Fri 10:00am (UNLESS FUNERAL MASS) & St Paul’s Tue 10:00am
Saturday 5:30pm BOOKING ONLY
Sunday 10:00am BOOKING ONLY
Sunday 12:00pm BOOKING ONLY

First Sunday in Advent  Year (B) –

Gift Aid Envelopes: 

If you are a tax payer and use a gift aid envelope new ones are now available.  All envelopes are now St Machan’s envelopes as we are going to be one bank account soon.  If you are not yet attending Mass or you would like to change from weekly plate donation to a standing order please send us a message on Facebook or email address above and we can arrange to have these sent to you.  

Diocesan Events

Last Update: 2nd December 2020