Parish Priest: Fr Jeremy Bath

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Our Parish is formed of three local church communities: St Dominic’s Torrance, St Machan’s Lennoxtown and St Paul’s Milton of Campsie.

Parish News and Upcoming events

Theme “Space, Psychology, Faith”

Contained within a planetary system, from darkness to light, in a moment of time, a unique event occurs that radically changes the disposition of humanity to a power beyond ourselves that we call, God. A small group of Jesus’ faithful followers, still in a state of grieving, go to this tomb and discover to their devastation and confusion that the body of Christ Jesus is not there. At first, the reaction if of theft of the one they love; then, slowly the fulfilment of prophecy sinks in, that Jesus foretold his resurrection on the third day. Speculation and conspiracy will abound but once you consider the whole of the ‘Christ Event’ from prophecy, to incarnation, to teaching and divine power, then it all begins to make sense. Christ Has Risen, the Saviour of the world.

Sequence (from Easter Day) – Liturgy of the Mass

“Christians, to the Paschal Victim

Offer your thankful praises!

A Lamb the sheep redeems

Christ who only is sinless,

Reconciles sinners to the Father.

Death and life have contended in that combat stupendous:

The Prince of Life, who died, reigns immortal

Speak Mary, declaring what you saw wayfaring

The tomb of Christ, who is living,

The glory of Jesus’ resurrection;

Bright angels attesting

The shroud and napkin resting.

Yes, Christ my hope arisen;

To Galilee he goes before you.

Christ indeed from death is risen, our new life obtaining.

Have mercy, victor King, ever reigning!

Amen. Alleluia!!”

Shared Parish News

Easter Message from Parish Priest: After 40 days of Lent it is wonderful to reach the Sacred Easter Tridium to marvel at what Christ has done for us all. I don’t honestly know how people without their faith really cope with everything that the world hurls at us. If Easter is merely about eating chocolate and getting drunk, then this is a pale reflection of what it can be when Christ is at the centre of a true Christian celebration of the Easter event. This ancient Christian festival is only brought about by Jesus himself, his cross and passion; way beyond the symbols of tulips, bunnies and boxes of chocolates. The humble egg does signify new life; that all life emanates from the creator and is fulfilled by the resurrection of the Saviour. Alleluia, Chris is Risen!!!

Thank You

  • To Father Joe McAuley who has come to assist us in Holy Week. We wish him well in his priestly service of God’s people.
  • To all the volunteers who have helped during Lent and Holy Week to make our three churches of St Machan’s, St Paul’s and St Dominic’s come alive with all that is noble, holy and true from an active celebrating faith life.
  • To the people of the parish, women, men and children who have come out in all weathers to further the Lent traditions of Stations, Dawn Masses, exposition, catechism and public witness to our Catholic Christian faith.
  • To all those who have donated flowers, eggs, home baking, decoration, cleaning, time and preparation to what we do well.

Divine Mercy Sunday (7th April): As you know, the world is in dire need of mercy in many parts of our world, as there is conflict, tension, and suffering. The alternative to mercy is too awful to even consider. St John Paul II promulgated that the first Sunday after Easter Sunday should be called ‘Divine Mercy Sunday’ rather than merely ‘Low Sunday’. The chaplet will be prayed every day in the lead up to Divine Mercy Sunday as follows:

            Friday 29th March, 10am St Machan’s

            Saturday 30th March, 10am St Paul’s

Sunday 31st March, 2pm St Machan’s

Monday 1st April, 11am St Paul’s

Tuesday 2nd April, 6.30pm St Machan’s

Wednesday 3rd April, 10am St Dominic’s

Thursday 4th April (at our homes)

Friday 5th April, 7pm St Machan’s

Saturday 6th April, 11.45am St Paul’s

On Sunday 7th April Divine Mercy Sunday there is a special programme at St Machan’s:

            2pm Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

2.15pm Confessions

2.45pm Chaplet and Benediction

3pm Mass

If you come to this Mass, do the Chaplet and come to Confession, then you can get much grace from this experience. St Faustina Pray for us. ‘For the sake of his sorrowful Passion have mercy on us and on the whole world’.

Blessing of Polish Food: Anyone who would like to get their ‘Food Baskets’ blessed, please come to St Machan’s church on Saturday 30th March 12 noon.

Holiday Cover: Please note that this newsletter covers a two week period. In the second week of the school holidays, Canon Bath will be absent from Tuesday to Friday; so, there are no morning or evening Masses from Tuesday 9th April to Friday 12th April. A service of the word and the rosary can be held in St Paul’s on Tuesday 9th April and St Machan’s on Friday 12th April. If you seek Mass those days please go to St Ninian’s Kirkintilloch or St Patrick’s Kilsyth. If you need a priest in an emergency, please call St Ninian’s on 0141 776 1063 or St Patrick’s on 01236 822136. The office will also be closed on this week. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

S.C.I.A.F ‘Wee Boxes’: Thank you to all who have saved up their loose change for S.C.I.A.F. This can be handed in on sat 6th/Sun7th April. Remember to fill in the ‘Gift Aid’ section if you are a U.K. tax payer. It all helps to save life and relieve suffering.

Forthcoming Funeral – Flora McLaughlin R.I.P. This will take place on Saturday 6th April at 10am in St Machan’s Lennoxtown. Her coffin will be received into the church at 6pm on Friday 5th April. Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her, may she rest in peace. AMEN

Sacraments: We keep in our prayers all the children preparing for Confirmation on the 22nd April and the First Holy Communion on 18th May. This is a time of great expectation and preparation for these families, please keep them all in your prayers.

Care Home Services over Eastertide

            Tuesday 2nd April, 2pm Birdston

            Wednesday 3rd April, 11.30am Springvale

Tuesday 16th April, 11am Lillyburn

Friday 19th April, 2pm Whitefield

Parishioners are welcome to come along and help with the singing!

Convalidation of Marriage: Please pray for Michael and Maria Kenny who are having their marriage blessed on Easter Saturday at St Dominic’s, Torrance. God Bless them both!

Request for Help: An elderly housebound gentleman in Lennoxtown is looking for homecare to provide hot meals and some cleaning. He seeks two service providers working each between 7-10 hours a week at a paying rate of £11.00 per hour. For further information you can contact him on 07579 790445.

Teaching of the Catechism – Para 638 ‘On the Third day He Rose From The Dead’

‘We bring you the good news that what God promised to the fathers, this day he has fulfilled to us their children by raising Jesus. The Resurrection of Jesus is the crowning truth of our faith in Christ, a faith believed and lived as the central truth by the first Christian Community; handed on as fundamental by Tradition; established by the documents of the New Testament’.

Saints Days This Coming Week

There are none the first week of Easter is it is the Easter Octave, every day counts as the same as Easter Sunday.

Week beginning 8th April

Mon 8th April: Feast of the Annunciation (deferred from 25th March). The day none months before the Nativity when we celebrate Mary’s news of her being chosen to be the Mother of Christ Jesus.

Thurs 11th April: Feast of St Stanislaus. 11th Century Bishop of Krakow. Quarrelled with the King and was martyred after accusing him of abduction and adultery.

Sat 13th April: Memorial of St Martin I. 7th century Pope and martyr. The last Pope to be venerated as a martyr for offending the local emperor.

N.B. April 5th is the anniversary of the death of St John Paul II in 2005.

Vestry Hour: (For all general personal enquiries.) Best to book by phone to ensure time with the parish priest. Tuesday 2nd April, 7pm St Machan’s Parish House.

Easter Quiz (incase you have been missing them)

  1. In Glasgow what mode of transport was known as the ‘Shuggle’?
  2. What is the other name for Gethsemane?
  3. In the European Football Championships Scotland is in Group A with Germany, Switzerland and which other country?
  4. Who does Scotland play on the 14th June?
  5. Who wrote the Summa Theologica?
  6. What is Humous made from?
  7. In which country in the world would you find ‘Thunder Bay’?

Please pray for our parishoners who are sick/housebound: Dominic Park, Mary Ann Dougan, May Fitch, Gillian Kennedy, Jean MacKenzie, Mary McCormack, Jim McElhaney, May McIlroy, Fr Jim Myers, John Turner, Jack Brady, Margaret Cameron, Eleanor Gallagher, Christine Heffernan, Garth Heffernan, May Love, Helen McDiarmid, Margaret Kennedy, Connor Meechan, Margaret Cassidy, Beth Hughes, Mary McCormack, Teresa Tannahill, Mary Cairney, George Ferrie, Robert Devlin, May McIvor, Isabel Melley, Sally Cairney, Tommy Mooney, George Smith, Rosemary Devine, Alison McMillan, Celia Sands, Sandra Carr, Charlotte Dougan, Pat Grennan, Jim Crawford, Irene MacFarlane.

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