Parish Priest: Fr Jeremy Bath

Welcome to the St Machan’s Parish Homepage!

Our Parish is formed of three local church communities: St Dominic’s Torrance, St Machan’s Lennoxtown and St Paul’s Milton of Campsie.

Parish News and Upcoming events

Theme “Don’t Be Divided”

In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus warns that there can be no division with the Kingdom of God, as there is here on earth. With reference to the Book of Genesis, the source of division goes back to the ‘Fall’ and the original sin of man to disobey the commandments of God. So, the ultimate destiny of sin is division, which eventually leads to destruction and death. The opposite of this is that Christ comes, as the new Adam to rescue us from ‘Original Sin’ and unite us in the church through repentance of sin and the gift of the Holy Spirit in baptism. Where division comes with the incarnation of the Son of God is between those who reject him. For Christ, it is no longer blood lives and relatives who are your spiritual family, but rather now those who do the will of God belong to the People of God. The devil delights when we divide … don’t give into division!”

Reflection – Psalm 24 “The Destiny of Humanity”

‘The earth and its fullness belong to the Lord, the world and all that dwell in it. He has founded it upon the ocean and set it firmly upon the waters. Who will ascent the mountain of the Lord?  Who will stand in his holy place? Those with clean hands and pure heart, who desire not what is vain, and never swear to a lie.’

Shared Parish News

‘We Are Pilgrimage’ This time of year is popular for the ancient catholic tradition of making a pilgrimage walk in the cause of faith.

  1. St Ninian’s Parish are doing a Pilgrim Walk on Sun 9th June in the afternoon from Waterside to Schoenstatt in the cause of vocations.
  2. On Sun 23rd June there is a St Margaret’s Pilgrimage Day in Dunfermline at 12.30pm from the abbey to St Margaret’s church for 2.30pm.
  3. On Mon 8th July some of our parishioners will be making a five day pilgrimage to Lourdes to be present with the Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh.

‘Be Positive! Be Pilgrims!’

Vestry Hour For all general personal enquiries, Friday 14th June, 7pm at St Machan’s Parish House.

Forthcoming Funerals

Liz Cassidy Mon 10th June at 10am St Machan’s. Reception at 4pm Sun 9th June. May she rest in peace.

Garth Heffernan Tues 18th June at 10am St Paul’s. Reception into church at 9.45am. May he rest in peace.

Sandra Carr Sandra died on Wed 5th June, with her family at her side. Her Requiem Mass is on Friday 21st June, 9.30am at St Machan’s. Her coffin will be received into the church at 5pm on Thursday 20th. May she rest in peace.

School Departures

  1. On Mon 17th June at 10am in St Machan’s church will be the P7 Leavers Mass followed by teas in the parish house/garden depending on weather. We pray for them all.
  2. On Tues 25th June at 4.30pm in St Ninian’s High School will be a ‘retirement Mass’ for Mr Paul McLaughlin, the Head Teacher. Entrance is by ticket only. We thank him for his many years of dedicated service.

Glory To God Christian March All denominations, from George Square to Glasgow Green at 2pm. More details available online.

Forthcoming Care Home Services (church parishioners welcome to come and help with the singing!)

            Tues 11th June 11.30am Springvale

            Tues 11th June 2pm Birdston

            Tues 18th June 2pm Lillyburn Afternoon Tea, St Paul’s Hall

            Tues 25th June 11am Lillyburn

Parish Pastoral Council – Wed 12th June, 7pm St Machan’s Hall This is a combined meeting of all three sub-councils and with, hopefully, Mrs Miller (head teacher of St Machan’s Primary) in attendance. Items on the agenda include:

  1. Seeking assistance from someone with I.T expertise for communications
  2. Parish visit to our Cathedral in Edinburgh
  3. Setting up a Scripture and Prayer Group
  4. A new parish database
  5. Proposed further improvements to St Machan’s
  6. The Holy Jubilee Year celebrations
  7. A pilgrimage to Iona or Lindisfarne

I hope as many members and co-opted members will attend.

Chapter of Canons Meeting Edinburgh Canon Bath will attend this meeting on Thurs 13th June in the Cathedral House. We pray it goes well.

Teaching of the Catechism – Para2863 – ‘The Our Father’ When we say “lead us not into temptation,’ we are asking God not to allow us to take the path that leads us to sin. This petition implores the spirit of discernment and strength, it requests the grace of vigilance and final perseverance.”

Save The High Kirk Public meeting at Campsie Memorial Hall, Tues 11th June at 7pm.

Last Lunch Club Before Summer The last lunch club is on Mon 17th June before the break in July an August. Thank God for all the kindness and hospitality.

Last Sunday Collections: Thank you for your generous stewardship of the parish finances, without which we would not function. £1,499.91

Saints Days This Week

11th June St Barnabas Jewish Cypriot and Levite who introduced St Paul to the twelve apostles. Evangelised in Antioch and supported the spread of Christianity to non-Jews. Died a martyr in Salamis.

13th June – St Anthony of Padua 13th century Franciscan Friar and priest during life of St Francis. Great gifts of oratory and converted many to Christ. Died at the age of 36. Many miracles attributed to him. Patron saint of finder of lost things. Had a great devotion to the poor.

Answers to Last Weeks Quick Quiz

  1. Who was the famous daughter actress of Debbie Reynolds? Carrie Fisher
  2. June 6th 1944 was ‘D-Day’. Juno, Sword and Utah were names of what? Beaches
  3. Toscana Rosso is a variety of what? Red wine
  4. Which radio station reaches 318 million people every week? BBC World Service
  5. At which racecourse is ‘the Derby’? Epsom
  6. Who is the Patron Saint of Perth, Scotland? St John

This Weeks Quick Quiz

  1. Salt Lake City is the capital of which U.S.A state?
  2. In what year did the first sound film ‘The Jazz Singer’ come out?
  3. Robin Cook was a Labour M.P under which Labour Prime Minister?
  4. A Pilchard is a type of what?
  5. In French a ‘Camion’ is what sort of transport?
  6. What is the name of the Cathedral in Orkney?

Please pray for our parishoners who are sick/housebound: Dominic Park, Mary Ann Dougan, May Fitch, Gillian Kennedy, Jean MacKenzie, Mary McCormack, May McIlroy, Fr Jim Myers, John Turner, Jack Brady, Margaret Cameron, Eleanor Gallagher, Christine Heffernan, May Love, Helen McDiarmid, Margaret Kennedy, Connor Meechan, Margaret Cassidy, Beth Hughes, Mary McCormack, Teresa Tannahill, Mary Cairney, George Ferrie, Robert Devlin, May McIvor, Isabel Melley, Sally Cairney, Tommy Mooney, George Smith, Rosemary Devine, Alison McMillan, Celia Sands, Pat Grennan, Jim Crawford, Irene MacFarlane, John Friel, Mary Paterson.

Last Update: 31/05/2024