“[Christ] personally addresses every sinner: “My son, your sins are forgiven”. He is the physician tending each one of the sick who need him to cure them. He raises them up and reintegrates the into fraternal communion. Personal confession is […] expressive of reconciliation with God and with the Church.” CCC, 1484

Confession times

St Machan’s: after the 5:30pm Vigil Mass on Saturday

St Paul’s after the 9:30am morning Mass on Saturday

Outside of these times, you can simply make an appointment with the priest, who will be happy to hear your Confession.

First Confessions

Our P3 children are making their first Confession on Thursday 19th March 2020 (St Machan’s, 7pm).

Other important dates:

Rite of Illumination:   [past]

Rite of Signing with the Cross:  16th February 2020 (St Paul’s and St Machan’s)

Prayer service at St Machan’s school:    to be arranged

Please remember the children in your prayers.

Confessions FAQs