Parish Ministries

Ministries in the Parish

Eucharistic Ministers: Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist the priest in administering the Blessed Sacrament at Mass and to the housebound. They undertake this task with a deep sense of reverence for the Lord’s Body and Blood. At Mass, if you wish to have Holy Communion brought to you, please speak to one of the passkeepers.

Liturgy of the Word: The proclamation of the Word is one of the key moments in the Mass. God speaks to his gathered people through the Scriptures and our parish readers, in that moment, are instruments of His voice. We have a number of readers across the three churches, but there is always room for more! If you would like help with this ministry, please speak with the parish priest or approach one of our existing readers.

Passkeepers: Passkeepers are in attendance at all Sunday Masses. They will be happy to help with any enquiry. Passkeepers should be familiar – and friendly – faces around the parish. Additionally, all passkeepers are required to complete a PVG form and attend level 1 safeguarding training before they begin helping at Masses.

Altar Servers: In each of the churches we have Altar Servers who serve at Sunday Masses and occasionally at funerals, weddings and so on. We are always keen to have more! If your child would like to become an Altar Server and has made his/her First Holy Communion, please speak with the priest. 

Children’s Liturgy: At St Machan’s, there is children’s liturgy in the hall during the 12pm Mass. This is run by a small group of dedicated volunteers working in a rota. If you are interested in joining the team, speak to Kathy Chappelle. All volunteers are required to complete a PVG form and attend level 1 safeguarding training before they begin helping at children’s liturgy. 

Hall Committees: At St Machan’s and St Paul’s, there are groups of parishioners responsible for maintaining the Church Hall. In addition, from time to time, they arrange social & fundraising events. If you would like to find out more about this area of service in the parish, please speak to Laurie Gallacher (St Paul’s) or Jean Kincaid (St Machan’s).